Three Ravens Ranch
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Our Interests And Training.

Both Ed and Wendi Lutz are actively involved in natural resource conservation research and implementation. Inherently eager to acquire knowledge, Ed and Wendi work together to apply learning to everyday activities in the field.

To develop his conservation knowledge Ed participated in the EPA Watershed Academy Training Program to understand the fundamentals of watershed level management. Training included watershed ecology, function and values as well as understanding the factors of alteration and change within watersheds. Additionally, his training included the established protocols for solving watershed problems incorporating risk assessment, modeling and bio-assessment to develop best management practices for water protection, habitat restoration and land use planning. Training also prepared Ed as conservation supervisor to consider communication and social issues related to watershed management.

Serving as Vice President of the Vya Conservation District, Ed promoted outreach programs to deliver state and federal conservation projects to farmers and ranchers including brush management, livestock water quality protection and upland bird habitat restoration. For property owners outreach included weed education and management, and conservation education for community youth.

In addition to developing annual budgets and work plans, as a managing supervisor for the Vya Conservation District, Wendi's duties included grant writing for funding district projects including weed management education, native plant awareness for youth and native plant propagation evaluation for agricultural producers. She was in charge of organizing district seminars and field trips to bring knowledgeable conservation experts from cooperating state, federal and regional governmental agencies as well as university cooperative extensions and research organizations for discussions of wildlife habitat, native plants and rangeland health to the remote rural district.

Ms. Lutz has completed Nutrient Management Track 1, Part 1 as well as Pest Management Track 2, Part 1. To promote the use and production of native plants and seed, Wendi serves on the board of the Nevada Wildland Seed Producers Association.

Both Wendi and Ed have been basic planner certified for wildlife, grazed range and crop from the NRCS. Training requires learning the procedures for developing NRCS approved conservation plans that uphold the planning standards for the USDA-NRCS conservation funding programs. Training included collection and analysis of data, decision and support for effective conservation and the application and evaluation of conservation projects.

Small business owners of E. Lutz Design Studio, the Lutzes have designed, proposed, budgeted, scheduled and carried out many custom projects for their clients. In their business, they value good communication with clients as the most important factor in achieving high quality results.

Ed and Wendi are involved in many landscape projects on their own rural property and appreciate the advantage that the help of knowledgeable people, good planning and evaluation lends to their landscape strategy. Projects on their Great Basin property, Three Ravens Ranch, include vegetation plantings to restore soil fertility and reduce soil compaction; increasing vegetation diversity with brush management and native vegetation restoration; evaluating, designing and implementing soil amendment, vegetation and irrigation water management to reduce impact of sodic and saline soils; establishing shelter strips and windbreaks for wind erosion protection; and the creation of hedgerows, watering facilities and food sources to promote wildlife balance and diversity. Agricultural activities on their property also include growing native grasses and shrubs for local rangeland restoration projects.

Primary power for the Lutzes home and business is generated by solar photo-voltaic panels, a renewable energy resource.