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Today, when many of us are focused on preserving and protecting our environment, understanding the variety of new and exciting concepts and developments being introduced into natural resources and ecology has the potential to be daunting to the time pressured rural property owner. Land owners ourselves, we know that all of us need to be informed to make the best choices to get the optimal value for our investment, preserve our legacy, and promote a healthy environment.

As conservationists and planners we at Three Ravens Ranch study a broad spectrum of natural resource materials and have the opportunity to meet with many dedicated experts and professionals in the natural resources community.

We are committed to making the best information accessible to you, the rural property owner. We analyze, evaluate, and corroborate traditional time-tested conservation practices, leading edge ecological concepts, and state-of-the-art agricultural research and apply these ideas to land use practices most important to your rural landscape needs. The research we provide distills and organizes information to reduce the complexity of natural resource issues, letting you make more educated decisions on important environmental planning for your property.

In order to supply you with streamlined, pertinent, biologically balanced cultural practices information for your land, Three Ravens Ranch has combined research and analysis technologies into an easy to use Natural Plant Selector Kit which provides site specific seed and plant lists, and planting, maintenance and wildlife habitat guidelines including key ecological principals to assist you in establishing a sustainable ecosystem in your rural landscape.