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  The Natural Plant Selector Kit is designed to help you get the best seeds and plants for your soil and climate conditions and Ecoregion location.

Select from four different kits targeted to your landscape objectives.

Natural Plant Selector Kit for Grazing.
For rural property owners who wish to learn which plants and seeds are appropriate for pasture planting projects. Evaluates your animal's nutritional needs and provides you with the tools you'll need for improving and maintaining quality pasture for your grazing animal.
Natural Plant Selector Kit for Wildlife.
Helps you determine which plants and seeds will improve wildlife habitat on your property. Provides you with the tools you'll need to learn more about how to identify the species of wildlife that inhabit your landscape and how to provide food and shelter for different wildlife species.
Natural Plant Selector Kit for Landscape.
The landscape kit is designed to help you increase the aesthetic values of your land. You'll be able to create your own unique objectives for plantings that provide a variety of landscape improvements including hedges for privacy screening, a selection of trees and shrubs for fall color, vegetation for wildfire protection, windbreaks and shelter areas.
Natural Plant Selector Kit for Hunting.
This kit provides seeds and plants appropriate for improving wildlife habitat for hunting property. The guidelines included in your report help you determine the best way your soil and climate attributes can provide for the forage and shelter needs of your game animal.

Natural Plant Selector Kit. Increase your planting success. Kit provides an excellent way to Learn which plants and seeds are right for your property. Kit contains soil sample bags, soil sample gloves, postage pre-paid mailing box and mailing label, soil sampling instructions and personalized survey form.

When testing and analysis are completed you'll receive Your own detailed report. Comprehensive 8 to 10 page report prepared by Professional consultants provides a list of plants, contact information for seed and plant sellers in your area, guidelines and techniques for planting based on the analysis of soil and micro-climate conditions of your site and targeted to your specific landscape Objectives.