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Kit contains soil sample bags, soil sample gloves, postage pre-paid mailing box and mailing label, soil sampling instructions and personalized survey form.  

  Your personalized, custom designed report gives you specific guidelines to improve pasture on your property.  
  Your soil test results and EcoRegion description.  
  Plant and seed lists targeted to your soil, climate conditions and EcoRegion.  
  Custom seeding mix specifications in lbs. per acre.  
  Seedling specifications in percentages of species per planting area.  
  landscape designs for pasture improvement......  
  Planting specifications and growing guidelines for Improving forage values for your animal.  
  Irrigation or dryland planting Tips and Techniques.  
  Weed or pest control and fire safe planting measures.  
  Lists of plant and seed suppliers for your region.  
  Contact information for conservation organizations.  
  Three Simple steps  
  Receive your postage pre-paid soil test box, soil sampling instructions and survey form by parcel post.  
  Mail your completed survey form and soil samples To Three Ravens Ranch for testing and evaluation.  
  Your soil test results, seed and plant specifications plus your own personal report are mailed to you by priority mail.  
  Client Profile.

Mary had grown up on a farm but left in her early twenties to pursue a career in the city. When she retired from her job in the city she was able to move back to the family farm and enjoy the pleasures of country life she remembered from her childhood days. Now, back on the farm, her aim was to grow a huge garden, raise some chickens and perhaps a few sheep and enjoy the rich surroundings of the countryside. She decided to begin by improving the old pasture to provide a wholesome source of year round nutrition for her animals. With the plant lists and management guidelines from the Natural Plant Selector Kit for Pasture she selected the plants and seeds she needed to create a pasture to supply most of the protein, carbohydrate, vitamin and mineral needs of her animals. As the pasture plantings became established, she noted that as a side benefit, with the improved soil fertility her pasture plantings provided, the pasture wasn't nearly as soggy during periods of heavy rains as before.