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Kit contains soil sample bags, soil sample gloves, postage pre-paid mailing box and mailing label, soil sampling instructions and personalized survey form.  

  Your personalized, custom designed report gives you specific guidelines to improve wildlife habitat on your property.  
  Your soil test results and EcoRegion description.  
  Plant and seed lists targeted to your soil, climate conditions and EcoRegion.  
  Custom seeding mix specifications in lbs. per acre.  
  Seedling specifications in percentages of species per planting area.  
  landscape designs you can use to create quality wildlife Habitat.  
  Planting specifications and growing guidelines for your specific wildlife habitat objectives.  
  Irrigation or dryland planting tips and techniques.  
  Weed or pest control and fire safe planting measures.  
  Lists of plant and seed suppliers for your region.  
  Contact information for conservation organizations.  
  Three Simple steps  
  Receive your postage pre-paid soil test box, soil sampling instructions and survey form by parcel post.  
  Mail your completed survey form and soil samples To Three Ravens Ranch for testing and evaluation.  
  Your soil test results, seed and plant specifications plus your own personal report are mailed to you by priority mail.  
  Client Profile.

When Bob opened his new dental practice in a remote rural town, he and his wife Sue saw a great opportunity to raise their three kids in the wholesome atmosphere near nature. They found a wonderful 25 acre property in the wooded mountains and began building their custom home. As they were building their home, Bob, Sue and the kids realized they needed to know more about the wildlife that lived in the woods around them. Using the Natural Plant Selector Kit for Wildlife the family worked together to clear some of the brush and planted native berries and a variety of native shrubs to create nests, shelter and food for the indigenous woodland creatures. Now that there is more diversity of habitat for wildlife on Bob and Sue's property, a favorite activity for the entire family is discovering and learning about each new species.